Wonderbly LMN



Over 2021 I worked at Wonderbly in several different roles including consulting on book production.

The first role was working in collaboration with Universal Music Group, creating a set of products for one of their Artists, Selena Gomez. 


I went on to re-platform the book that made the company, Lost My Name a very special project and a bit like moving the crown jewels! 


With a raft of project experience that crosses Wonderbly expertise and having proved myself in product development I was asked to undertake consultancy on book production. This involved running an audit and reviewing how books are produced and launched, & making recommendations to help future proofing book production.

Wonderbly is very collaborative and creative company, using the power of personalisation to make millions of people feel extraordinarily special. The British Book Awards named them UK Children's Publisher of the Year 2021, and they are the world's leading personalised publishing company. They have also now shipped over 6.5 million books to over 150 countries since 2014.

Client: Wonderbly

Location:  London/remote

Year: 2021-2022