SOON_, a 5 years old, design and branding studio working with established brands and startups. 30 strong and delivering multi-award winning work for clients such as: The Paralympic Association, Team Sky, Bowers & Wilkins, Resident Advisor.


SOON_ have a great client rosta, their clients love them, the people who work there love them. Most have never left.  It's a great place to work. But they knew they could do better. And they wanted more clarity. How were jobs really doing? Which tools were useful and which were holding them back?  Should they add x, y, z? How can they support their Producers? How do they communicate more clearly what they are doing to clients?


I came in to bring clarity, by connecting the dots, and create a consistency across language, documentation, operations and a set of tools for everyone to draw upon.  To build on a process which allowed flow and a clear coherence for the leaders and teams, producers to lead projects, and most of all clients. Anyone coming into the agency can then understand and feeling confidently supported as part of a complete package.  


I was also a lifeline and oversaw Producers delivering the following:

  • Websites for Delicious, OTRO, Beaverbrooks

  • Design branding & site design for Travel Local

  • Web products on Klarna 

Production Company: n/a

Agency: SOON_

Client: Various

Location:  London

Year: 2018