Nexus Facebook Portal Storytime



Nexus is a multi-award winning animation studio.  I've worked at Nexus on and off for over 5 years and I love their work which focuses on education, learning, good causes, the arts and mixes with emerging technology. I work with the Interactive Arts team so digital firsts are a speciality in particular augmented reality projects.

The focus of 2020 has been supporting new business including pitches, proposals and project set up. I've also worked on Facebook filters covid response + pride month celebrations!

Previously at Nexus I have supported specific projects including the set up a programme of work for Story Time on the Facebook Portal at the start of 2019, prior to its release in the UK. 

More to come as I am currently still at Nexus.

Production Company: Nexus Studios

Agency: n/a

Client: Various

Location:  London

Year: 2016, 2019-2021