GUlf Air


Gulf Air wanted to create the tallest project mapping experience the Middle East had ever seen. In record time. 6 weeks to be exact and otherwise known as mission impossible. UNIT9 called me back to be Executive Producer on this projection mapping project because they knew I could deliver. 

The client was keen but very busy, our Business Director luckily knew Bahrain. Unfortunately the Creative Director and Producer who were going to run the project were unable to. So it was up to me to find the rest of the team and make it happen.


I rose to the challenge; enlisted a Creative Director, a content partner, a projection mapping partner and a Producer to help me.  I then went to Bahrain, with the help of the Creative Director and projection mapping partner, we found a suitable site and convinced the client on the best spot, a change to the original preference.


I then went on to convince the Four Seasons to use their building, despite no-one else having been granted permission previously, and managed to secure the event location space too as well as finding an event company to help me run the event.  


Then there was a second event, an opportunity that came up four days before live, to run in parallel at the Four Seasons itself for the Gulf Gateway investor forum with super tight security. A stand plus 400 bespoke gifts to be created - each a set of 10 gold edged postcards presented in a custom made box, presented in another box.


Yes it was crazy, yes I kept the client happy and yes I delivered both events.  I also met the most amazing, friendly people in Bahrain and had an adventure along the way.

Production Company: UNIT9

Agency: n/a - direct

Client: Gulf Air

Location:  Bahrain

Year: 2018