Ford sponsored the UEFA Champions League Final for 21 years.  2014 was the last year they were sponsoring the league so they wanted to go out with a bang in Lisbon! They were also unveiling the new Ford Mustang in Europe.

The Village, a corporate event, included two activations, each a photo opportunity where a link was sent to the participant via email so they could download their photo.  One was a Green Screen, where participants had their photo taken with the one of the SUV family vehicles celebrating with one of the teams. The other was a Roaming Photographer, where participants had their photo taken with the new Ford Mustang.

The Festival, a public event space in one of Lisbon's main squares, included a live show revealing the new Ford Mustang in a Dome on a revolving platform with visitors activating parts of the show. The digital element consisted of several parts:

Entrant registration - Groups of 30 visitors at a time were registered via a tablet & asked to approve terms & conditions

180 degree filming of live experience using a camera on track & then pushed to the system to create:

  • Souvenir video on YouTube - including personalised live & pre-prepared new footage of the Ford Mustang and overlaying a soundtrack. Visitors were sent the video via a link in an email using their registration details.

  • Live video content of themselves for visitors to see on their way out

Languages:  Spanish, Portuguese and English

Production Company: n/a

Agency: Imagination

Client: Ford

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Year: 2014